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How is your auto dealer website design serving you? That’s the question we ask regularly at Venture Automotive. After all, even if SEO, PPC and other feeders bring traffic your way, it’s your website that must hold the visitor’s interest. We do not build websites, but we can work with you and your current provider to develop a truly customized look while using the website company you currently are in contract with.

We have extensive experience across multiple website providers CMS systems and can redesign your existing site to obtain the goals and objectives, often without the need of going through an extensive website change of providers. (Some exclusions apply)

Our designers and coders are focused on automotive only so if your web site is boring you and your customers, call us for a free consultation on what we can do to help.

Artful Advertising

  • Look contemporary
  • Appear as a cohesive whole
  • Offer all types of visuals
  • Maintain and enhance brand identity
  • Foster interest immediately

Ready and Responsive

Despite these important artistic goals, a design firm cannot focus solely on the site’s look. Your website must be successful as a digital product. Dead links and slow processing speeds lead to high bounce rates. Creating a responsive site is a job that begins day one and never ends. The auto dealer web design must:

  • Work across all platforms (PC, laptop, tablet, phone)
  • Have active links to meaningful content
  • Have no dead links or inoperable active features
  • Capture consumer information through inviting, voluntary formats
Ready and Responsive
Fresh and Original Content

Fresh and Original

Even after all of these goals are met, content is crucial to hooking the reader and to meeting SEO goals. A good website never rests on last month’s material. Keeping things fresh is key. Readers notice when information is out of date. The Google algorithms measure the quantity and quality of your content. With so much riding on it, automotive website designs can’t become stale. You must:

  • Maintain keyword-rich, meaningful content
  • Offer ongoing, original blogs
  • Create targeted landing pages to match PPC/SEO keywords
  • Update old information
  • Inform users about current opportunities through the use of banner ads
Lead Generation

Generating Leads

Automotive website designs must generate leads to that turn into sales. Even after the hard work of creating an artful, responsive website has been done, you still need to capture consumer information. What does the consumer see when a form appears? You’ll want to keep things brief, simple and inviting. A quick video can help a consumer overcome a reluctance to commit. A loan pre-approval form requires much less information than you would for final approval. You need to provide every opportunity for the user to offer up a name, email address, and phone number.

Get Ahead with Venture Automotive

Automotive website designs come and go. It’s the nature of the ever-changing web. What’s perfect for today may not have been possible last year. What’s next is always the question for those who want to stay up with the times. Venture Automotive offers website review, landing page creation, and full website design to suit your needs. Our experts will happily assist your current website designer with techniques to achieve SEO goals. From a quick fix to a meaningful overhaul, your auto dealer website design is safe in our hands. Our services include:

  • Consult with your current designer on SEO-expansion opportunities
  • Update dealership website design from start to finish
  • Create banner ads
  • Create targeted landing pages
  • Generate original blog content
  • Oversee website effectiveness, keeping an eye on SEO and bounce rates

Ask us for a free consultation.

Together we’ll generate the leads that will make your dealership grow.

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